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Lamayuru Monastery Leh Ladakh

Lamayuru Monastery - Leh Ladakh

The place is situated at Leh district; it is the famous Buddhist monastery which is at the height of 11520 ft. The monastery is one of the fascinating places that one must visit. 

If you are planning a trip to Ladakh then you must include this place on your list as it is the oldest and largest in Ladakh. Most of the legends were associated with Lamayuru Monastery. In the past days, the huge constructive building was a collection of five gigantic building and now only one survives. Still, it is the largest monastery and around 150 houses are here for the Buddhist monks. The number was used to be 400-500 in the earlier days.

The beautiful structure is situated on Srinagar-Leh highway. During the time of winters at daytime, weather remains warm if not on minus but at night time, the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees. Monastery area is still large even though only the small portion of Lamayuru Monastery exists. The visitors can only access the prayer hall which is also the key element of the monastery. From the monastery, visitors can experience the mountains along with the normal life of village below.

Things to do in the Monastery

If you are planning a visit to Lamayuru Monastery, don’t forget to experience the small walk through the village except for the monastery. The Ladakh habitats are extremely warm and generous. If you apply the universal greeting of Ladakh, Juley with a smile they would easily get open to you. 

People, there are so cordial that some of them might also invite you for a cup of tea. Else, tourists can also enjoy hiking at the exquisite place. You don’t need to worry as hiking isn’t a big deal, even at the time of hiking you can capture the beautiful frames.

The place is also known the best for YuruKabgyat which is the two-day cultural festival. The festival is worth to attend and it takes place in the second month of the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. It is also known as mask festival as the monks wear various masks at the time of the ceremony.

How to reach?

The earliest and best way to reach Lamayuru Monastery especially if you are traveling in winters is by cab hiring from Leh. It is because at the time of winters the buses don’t go on the highway on regular basis. But in summers, it is recommended to board the local buses as then the journey would be pocket-friendly as well as fun. Drive to Lamayuru Monastery is the excellent and adventurous journey. At the time of journey, if you are lucky enough there are chances to experience the wildlife animals. It would be better if you start your journey to Monastery early in the morning so that you can come back safely by afternoon in Leh.

Best time to visit 

If you want to visit the monastery, book your ticket from April to June. During these months, the weather remains quite comfortable and calm. It would be wise to avoid visiting the tourist attractions during the winter season as then there are chances that the weather would be cold for the tourists to move around.

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