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Road trip to LehLadakh is amongst the top in the list of trips that one can experience in India. Instead of landing straight from flight to LehLadakh, people prefer to go by road. A road trip is a one-time experience that one should explore once in their lifetime and for sure you’ll not forget the sights that made your jaw drop on the way.

With this, book LehLadakh drive and stay tour packages with lehladakhtourpackages.co.in and get ready for the once in a lifetime opportunity. With the altitude of the capital city of Leh being slightly 11,400ft above the sea level, a trip to LehLadakh via road is becoming the dream and trend for many. 

Irrespective of this fact that you wish to go with your group or solo, LehLadakh knows how to charm everyone who comes here to enjoy the vacation. After arriving here, you might never want to leave. Since you are on a road trip and have time, you can stay if you want and leave whenever you wish to.

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Road trip to LehLadakh is the dream of every traveler who wishes to visit here and with the available choices, it will be tough to find the excuse to not go on the trip.

There are two routes available that lead to LehLadakh: Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh.

Route 1: Manali to Leh

Cover the distance of 490-500km and get ready for the unforgettable experience on LehLadakh road trip. On the trip from Manali to Leh, you’ll get to explore narrow passes, high mountains, scenic valleys and hairpin bends where you may also click the panoramic pictures.

With LehLadakh drive and stay tour packages from lehladakhtourpackages.co.in, get to witness the elegant and quiet lifestyle of people living in the divine settings. Monasteries, scenic quotients, trade routes, resplendent villages, jaw-dropping views and ancient routes are the primary highlights of this trip.

Best time to visit: June to September

Route 2: Srinagar to Leh

On Srinagar to Leh trip, you’ll visit the war memorial, beautiful villages, Gurudwara, Himalayan valleys, and monasteries among others. It is the comprehensive trip that will expose you to various faces of Ladakh.

In this adventurous trip to Leh, you are going to visit the spectacular locations. Be it the fields of Sonmarg or happy and quaint villages on the banks of Sindh river, fill your eyes with the sounds, sights, and essence of Ladakh. The road trip to LehLadakh will make you understand the true majesty of nature’s creations.

Best time to visit: Highway generally opens in early May to late October which also depends on the weather.

Petrol pumps on Srinagar Leh highway

1-Mangan: Starting from Srinagar, the first one is at Mangan which is located at the distance of 32km from Srinagar.

2-Sonamarg: The next can be done at Sonmarg which is 80km from Srinagar and 48km ahead of Mangam.

3-Kargil: Make sure to get enough fuel in Sonmarg as the next one is situated around 125km from Sonmarg and 204km from Srinagar.

4-Mulbekh: From Kargil, the next one is in Mulbekh which is 40km far and 242km from Srinagar. The petrol pumps are also available in Khaltsi and Wakha which can be reached easily from Mulbekh.

On the astounding road trip to LehLadakh, you can get the ATMs in Drass, Ganderbal, and Kargil. Due to fewer ATMs in the region, you can get quite a rush in each booth of ATM.

Petrol pumps on Manali Leh Highway

1-Manali: When in Manali, find a lot of petrol pumps. The hill station town consists a total of 6 petrol pumps.

2-Tandi: Moving 110km ahead from Manali, you can find the one in Tandi.

3-Karu: 345km away from Tandi, refuel the vehicle in Karu.

4-Leh: One can find few of them in Leh. You can also refuel the same near the Leh Airport.

Carrying a lot of cash with you is always recommended while on a road trip to LehLadakh as there’s only one ATM available in Keylong and after that you’ll find it in Leh. 

Book your Leh Ladakh drive and stay tour packages with lehladakhtourpackages.co.in and experience the one in a lifetime opportunity.

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