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Family Tour Packages Leh Ladakh

Leh is the enchanting utopia that makes a person feel on top of the world. A prominent city in the region of Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir, it is the place where you’ll get to see the stars shining brighter and the Himalayas loom over you.

A trip to the magnificent LehLadakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir with family can be enjoyed the best by choosing specially crafted LehLadakh family tour packages from lehladakhtourpackages.co.in. Amazing attractions, beautiful natural beauty and the culture of Ladakh make it one of the best tourist destinations for families.

At 9800ft above the level of the sea, Ladakh is known as the high-altitude cold desert which is surrounded by Great Himalayas on one side while Karakoram range on other. One can go through the highest snow-capped peaks in the region which are as high as 23,000 ft.

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The best time to visit the Leh-Ladakh is from late April to September including the peak season from May to June when most of the travelers choose to spend their holidays in LehLadakh with family. During all these months, the maximum temperature remains at about 30ºC and the average ranges between 14-18ºC. It gets cold in October and extended until March.

Take your family for LehLadakh family tour packages in which you’ll get to experience the enchanting beauty of the land in the best way. If you and your family love adventure, this is the chance to have once in a lifetime trip to the land of high passes.

lehladakhtourpackages.co.in is making the Ladakh beauty accessible for people from all walks of life with this family tour package. The only condition is to have a heart full of wanderlust and energy in the bones. 

LehLadakh is the Trans region in the Himalayas which is the most impressive range all over the world and is also the house of adventure sports. Some of the preferred sports include jeep safari, mountaineering, cycling, trekking and river rafting.

The Indus river is the backbone of Ladakh. Most of the current and historical towns such as Leh, Shey, Tingmosgang, and Basgo are located close to the Indus river. 

The ranges of Ladakh has no major peaks or ridges. The landscapes of Ladakh has many places of attraction. Some of the popular places of tourists include Drass Valley, Leh, Kargil, Salt Valley, Rangdum, Zangskar, Sani, Padum, Shyok Valley, Phugthai and several others.

Spend your holidays in LehLadakh with family and explore the most alluring regions of Ladakh with a large number of villages and monasteries. The main attractions include the palace museum of Stok, Leh Palace, Thiksey Monastery, Hemis, Lamayuru, Chemrey, Spituk as well as villages of Nimoo, Basgo, Sankar, etc.

The high mountains are worshiped by local people as the Gods home. Ladakh is also rich in wildlife and is the home of many rare birds and animals. The Ladakh culture has a strong resemblance to the Tibetan culture and therefore Ladakh is called as ‘Little Tibet.’

Book your LehLadakh family tour packages which consist of sightseeing of most atmospheric and scenic towns. It is the center of Tibet Buddhist culture for ages. It is one amongst some of the remaining abodes of Buddhism in South Asia. Places which are must visit in Leh landscapes are the Buddhist Gompas or Monasteries which provides a focus for the faith of highly religious people.

Leh Palace, home of the royal family of Ladakh is the historical building and monument. Though in the state ruined, it offers a beautiful view of the Leh town. The colorful annual festivals which take place is the best place to witness unparalleled beauty of nature. LehLadakh, nature cities are waiting for you.

You may avail the best travel deals on LehLadakh tours and book cheap packages of holidays in LehLadakh with family.

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