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Magnetic Hills Leh Ladakh

Magnetic Hills - Leh Ladakh

In the travel around Leh Ladakh, you’ll get to explore many beautiful sights which have no end. One such sight is Magnetic Hills in Ladakh; it is the place where even the gravity takes a backseat. The Hills are located 30 km far from Leh andare marked by the yellow signboard which says ‘The phenomenon that defies gravity’. It also guides you to park the vehicles in the box which is marked with the white point on a road and is called Magnetic Road. If parked at the spot indicated, vehicles start to move forward at the speed of 20km/h.

The hills are located on Leh-Kargil Baltic National Highway in the region of Trans-Himalaya. To the east of the hills flows the Sindhu River which makes the surroundings of the photographers beautiful.

Theories about the Magnetic Hill

There are many theories as per the unique phenomenon of Magnetic Hills; each one of them seeks to explain the gravity-defying phenomenon in one way or another. Take a look at some of the famous theories surrounding the Hill.

The Magnetic Force Theory: This is the widest theory accepted and also finds the acceptance among most of the people. As per this theory, hill emits a great amount of magnetic energy, thereby pulling up the vehicles that are within the range towards it. In fact, not only the locals have experienced this unusual experience but also the travelers from all over the world have felt the invisible pull from the hill.

The Optical Illusion Theory: This stands in complete contradiction to the magnetic one. According to this one, the hill doesn’t possess any type of magnetic force. It tells about the phenomenon of defying gravity as the optical illusion which leads to downslope leading the Hills to appear like upslope. This makes the vehicle which is going downhill look like as if it were going uphill. 

Apart from both of these, there’s also the belief among the locals that there was a spot where there was the existence of a road straight to heaven. People who deserved going to heaven were pulled to this way while those who didn’t werenot.

Activities to explore

The gravity-phenomenon can be experienced here. At a specific point on the Magnetic Road which is few meters away from Magnetic Hills is a yellow box where you must park your car in the neutral gear. You’ll notice that the car is moving forward at the speed of 20km/h without any effort of yours. On the hills, you might also want to try biking.

How to reach?

The Hills are at a distance of 30km from Leh. One can get to this place by hiring the private taxis; it will take around 38-40 minutes to reach the place. 

Nearby Attractions

After having fun at Magnetic Hills, you might want to explore few other places as well which is close to the hills. One of them is Zanskar and Indus Rivers, waters of both of them meet each other at a specific place known as Nimmu Valley.

Some of the other attractions include Pathar Sahib Gurudwara which is situated at the height of 12,000 ft.; the Gurudwara is visited by most of the Sikhs and Tibetan Buddhists who consider Guru Nanak to be the Buddhist like them.

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